About Us

Who Are Cabin Avionics?

Our Background

Bournemouth Aviation Limited was formed in 2002 to provide the Aviation Industry with Video monitoring and Medical systems for large aircraft.

Initially designed to monitor and record passenger comfort, Skycam evolved to become a Flight Deck Door Monitoring System (FDDMS) to help prevent unauthorised flight deck access.  The Skycam system has now expanded to include internal and external camera monitoring, video recording, Baggage hold monitoring and also analogue to digital video camera conversion modules.

In parallel with the development of our Camera Systems, we added a small range of Aircraft Medical products approved for use on Large Aircraft, such as Defibrillators and associated products.

In 2012, we moved from our existing location to a central location in Bournemouth.  At the same time, we changed our name to Cabin Avionics Limited and adopted a more global approach to business, whilst maintaining a personal client interface.